The talents and commitment of OLRA Educational Foundation are crucial to carrying out our mission to improve the lives of the less fortunate.


OLRA Educational Foundation brings together Multinational, Multilingual and Multidisciplinary faculties with expertise in education, youth development, business administration, management, grant writing, community service, and vocational training and public administration.

The Foundation directors and staff have done pioneering work in many projects involving community capacity building, social service, vocational schools, business management, education and training, and career enhancement.

Thus, the OLRA team comprises of experts in diverse disciplines and languages, blended together to deliver excellence in education through linguistic and culturally appropriate services to the underserved low-income population in the region.

We build on what has been proven to be effective while exploring and applying new thinking, approach and respective technologies.


To promote higher education and concrete career choices to the underserved, underprivileged and low income populations through excellent training and mentorship by qualified faculty.

Our target population lags behind in educational achievement due to numerous and cumbersome social and economic barriers that they face on a day to day basis. These barriers vary from linguistic and cultural components to social and economic blocks.

OLRA is committed to removing critical social and economic barriers that cripple potential men, women, and youth. In all our efforts, OLRA is dedicated to improving people's lives by removing social economic barriers and promoting education, training, and career enhancement for the low income, underserved and underprivileged population.

We strive to offer a range of services in order to curtail the existing obstacles which impede our target population.


Higher education will become an instrument through which all people can attain economic advancement, social justice, and a world at peace. Education is a good thing for all people and we should have more of it. Education breaks down barriers between neighbors and nations; it enhances the social fabric by creating understanding and self sufficiency; it particularly benefits those in less favored positions in society; and allied with advancing technology, it can spread enlightenment and enlightened self interest across the globe.


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